Blogging Basics

March 10, 2009

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Being successful in the blogosphere requires a recipe of several ingredients.  First, you need quality content built on a single theme.  One you have that, you need readership.  This requires community building.  People make a lot of mistakes here.  Some play Blackhat games and get spammy.  Spam is not good.  It’s no better than the mystery meat you buy in a can.

Some folks will just go after readers willy nilly, trying to attract anyone who will post a comment.  This is not good either.  You may get a reader to stop by and read a post or two, but if your content does not include a subject the reader is passionate about, there is not point working hard to attract their attention.

Another mistake bloggers make when trying to attract readers is that they engage in flaming to attract attention.  This is bad.  It attracts the wrong kind of attention and ruins your reputation.  (that’s right, I said YOUR reputation, not just your blogs.)  remember: the Internet is forever.  What you write will follow you the rest of your life.  So be careful, and put some thought into your posts.

The best way to find readers and build community is to know your niche, then find other blogs and forums in similar or related niches.  If your blog is about knitting, look for knitters and sewers, and wool makers, and fabric dyers, and crafters, and simple living sites.  Make a list of every possible related topic.  Google those key words.  Find the leading blogs on those subjects with the largest community of commenter’s, and get involved.  Leave regular comments on those sites.  Not bland spammy comments, but comments with ideas relevant to what is being discussed.  Bring something worthwhile to the conversation.  Let people get to know you.  Be helpful.  Be concise.  Be humorous.  and always be kind.

Find forums and user groups in your niche.  Repeat the advice above.

And the final most important rule to all the above:  Make sure every time you post, every time you make a comment, and every time you write an article for an outside forum or blog you INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND A HOT LINK TO YOUR SITE IN YOUR SIGNATURE.  (And don’t write in all caps.  It looks like you are screaming, which is RUDE.)

The bloggers out there who find you, the ones you build a relationship with, they are the ones you want to e-mail on the side.  Ask if they would like to guest post on your blog.  Offer to guest post in return.  Share links with each other.  You link to their site and they link to yours.  Bloggers with good etiquette will do this automattically, but some don’t think to do this because they don’t know they should.  But they most definitely should.